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Monday, February 15, 2010

Felt Case.

Ooh, look, a craft! Finally! This craft has been a long time coming, and actually has quite the story behind it.

I originally wanted to make this scarf, which seemed really neat, and I had been interested in felting wool for a while. However, I do not own any wool sweaters, because I don't really like to wear wool. And wool sweaters are freaking impossible to find at thrift stores. Seriously. I had found one, ugly printed mans sweater, and was about to give up, when I found this nice red cardigan. I practically jumped for joy in the store (in fact, I said YAY!, and the woman next to me looked at me funny).

But sadly, the red one was the only one to be found. Not sufficient enough for the scarf. I bought it anyways though, and brought it home and felted it. I wish I had taken before and after pictures, because this sweater that started out being able to fit me looked like it would barely fit Ben when I was finished.

I found the idea for this pouch, which seemed like a good idea to me, since I'm always losing my black cell phone in the bottom of my massive black purse. It suggested using pinking shears for the edges, which I do not own, and apparently cost like 45 DOLLARS (!!!) at the store. For scissors! Holy wow! I knew that my mom had a pair that she probably never used though, so when we went to visit, I stole them. Actually, she gave them to me.

So, the pouch. It was actually very easy to make, and I added the button (which came off of the original sweater). And it definitely does make it easy to find my phone now! I have a bunch of felted wool left though, so if anyone else wants a cute little pouch, let me know!



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