# NM1

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am cranking along here, so I've decided to share some non-Martha recipes for some things that I really love to make and eat. The first notmartha project is my meatloaf, which is one of my favorite things.

The beauty about this recipe is that it isn't really a recipe, but more of a formula. Basic components:

- 1 package ground turkey (I think it's around 20 ounces)
- 1 egg
- 1 - 2 cups of some sort of grain - bread, stuffing mix, oats, rice (cooked), whatever. You could probably even use beans.
- 2 - 3 cups of chopped, sauteed (so that they don't make your meatloaf watery) vegetables. I most often use onions, peppers, mushrooms and carrots, but it's basically limitless. The nice part about this step is that it can be done ahead, and you can make the pieces as big or small as you want, even pureeing them if you're trying to hide their presence from picky kids.
- 1/2 cup barbecue sauce or ketchup, or a mix of the two.
- anything else you want to throw in (cooked bacon and chunks of cheese are a yummy addition)

Mix it all together in a big bowl with your hands. Press into the pre-greased pan of your choice (loaf pan, round dish, square, whatever floats your boat), glaze top with additional BBQ sauce if you'd like, and bake at 400 for about 45 minutes.

It's a good thing. :)

# 028 + bonus recipes

Sprinkle's Strawberry Frosting (from Martha), plus Billy's Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes (from here) and Maple Buttercream Frosting (from my head). Deliciousness all around! And the frosting was good and easy, even though my cousin Stephanie gave me a hard time about buying frozen strawberries - she didn't think that was a very Martha thing to do. But the store was out of fresh ones, and the recipe called for frozen anyway! HAH!

# 027

Beer-Braised Sausages with Warm Potato Salad.

This is out of the new (March 2010) Everyday Food magazine. I love sausage, beer, and potatoes, so I had to make it. It was pretty delicious, though next time I think I will use a spicier sausage, as the sweet italian they suggested was good, but didn't have quite the kick I really like. Ben also loves sausages (and anything spicy - the kid was eating Buffalo pretzel pieces earlier), so this will definitely be made again!

# 026

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Being all brown, baklava is a bit hard to photograph attractively (plus I suck at taking pictures). So I played around with the macro feature on my camera, and took this close-up of all the nutty, buttery goodness.

As far as baklava goes, this was ok. I remember making it in the past, and the syrup that you pour over it had honey, and I liked it that way more... it had a deeper flavor to it. Not a bad recipe though, especially if you have fillo dough to get rid of!


# 025

Monday, February 15, 2010

Molten Mocha Cakes.

Valentine's Day Dessert. <3

These were delicious, and I don't even really like chocolate desserts very much. Gabe does, and he requested that I make him one for breakfast, three for lunch, and three more for dinner. They were that good.

Plus? Super easy to make! Almost idiot proof.

Mmm... Molten.

# 024

Beef Wellington Tarts.

Valentine's Day Dinner. <3

I have been making Beef Wellington for Valentine's Day since Gabe & I have been together (four years now!). These tarts were good, but I think I prefer it the regular way, with everything all wrapped up in the puff pastry.


# 023

Felt Case.

Ooh, look, a craft! Finally! This craft has been a long time coming, and actually has quite the story behind it.

I originally wanted to make this scarf, which seemed really neat, and I had been interested in felting wool for a while. However, I do not own any wool sweaters, because I don't really like to wear wool. And wool sweaters are freaking impossible to find at thrift stores. Seriously. I had found one, ugly printed mans sweater, and was about to give up, when I found this nice red cardigan. I practically jumped for joy in the store (in fact, I said YAY!, and the woman next to me looked at me funny).

But sadly, the red one was the only one to be found. Not sufficient enough for the scarf. I bought it anyways though, and brought it home and felted it. I wish I had taken before and after pictures, because this sweater that started out being able to fit me looked like it would barely fit Ben when I was finished.

I found the idea for this pouch, which seemed like a good idea to me, since I'm always losing my black cell phone in the bottom of my massive black purse. It suggested using pinking shears for the edges, which I do not own, and apparently cost like 45 DOLLARS (!!!) at the store. For scissors! Holy wow! I knew that my mom had a pair that she probably never used though, so when we went to visit, I stole them. Actually, she gave them to me.

So, the pouch. It was actually very easy to make, and I added the button (which came off of the original sweater). And it definitely does make it easy to find my phone now! I have a bunch of felted wool left though, so if anyone else wants a cute little pouch, let me know!


# 022

Farfalle with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese.

Delicious dish, and very easy to make too! I used mini-farfalle (bow-tie pasta) to make it easier for Ben to eat. Gabe said it tasted like eating a really yummy bagel.

I would definitely make this again, and I think I would be good with some spinach and tomatoes mixed in as well.


# 020 + 021

Herb Roasted Hen + Polenta Fries.

Truthfully, the chicken wasn't made much differently than I usually make roast chicken, though I did appreciate the suggestion to put the onions under the chicken, but still on the rack... I usually put them under the rack, resting on the bottom of the pan. I was nervous about the fennel (one of three things that I do not like; fennel, water chestnuts, and pine nuts.), but the flavor was subtle enough that I didn't really notice it (that and I still had a cold). The polenta fries were really yummy though, and definitely something I will make again.

http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/herb-roasted-hen-with-wild-arugula-salad + http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/ems-polenta-fries

# 019

Soy Glazed Salmon.

No, I did not take this picture. I thieved it from Martha's website, because I was sick when I made this, and didn't think to take a picture until I had started eating. And I really didn't think anyone would want to see a picture of some half-eaten fish.

This was decent, though not super flavorful, though that could be attributed to the cold I had, which made pretty much everything taste like not a whole lot. Ben liked it though, which probably had something to do with all the brown sugar in the marinade.


# 018

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mushroom Turnovers

I probably shouldn't count this one, since I screwed up and bought Filo dough, instead of the puff pastry that the recipe called for. However, I think that they are similar enough, that I'm not gonna make a big deal about it.

Plus, these were yummy! Definitely a better vegetarian alternative than the cabbage tarts. Gabe really liked his, and is taking the extra for lunch tomorrow. It didn't interest Ben too much, but he did have fun throwing the flakes of file dough all over the place (and I had fun cleaning them up after!).

And yes, those are canned green beans on my plate. They are my guilty pleasure. And how lame does that make me that my guilty pleasure is a vegetable?

Soo... anyone want to come over for a filo dough party? I have a lot left over! Maybe I'll see if Martha has a baklava recipe... Mmmmm...


# 016 & 017

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes with Seven Minute Frosting.

I made these delicious looking confections on a recent trip Ben & I took to Maine to see my parents. My dad loooooves cupcakes, and I like to make things that are different from the usual vanilla/vanilla combo. He has recently been enamored with some snickerdoodle cookies that my mom buys for him (I did not get my love of baking from her!), so I figured they were worth a shot.

The icing intimidated me at first, because of my last foray into a whipped egg white frosting, and I almost just did a plain vanilla buttercream (which I have mastered, I think), but I figured I had time, and someone to watch my child, so I would give it a shot.

And it worked! It came together just like Martha said it would, and the light, Fluff-like was a great accompaniment to the cinnamon-y cupcakes. I halved the recipe, since there were only 3.5 of us, and they were gone by the end of the next day (my dad especially really liked them!).

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes & Icing

Project #11 Broccoli Gratin

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Project #10 Vanilla Pound Cake

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I will start this post by saying I am NOT happy! Although this recipe was easy to make and I had every ingredient in my cupboards already, that is where the good news STOPS! I was trying to be nice to my husband because pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream is his favorite dessert. We had strawberries already (and blueberries as a matter of fact) and I was thinking it would be a wonderful treat and delicious dessert after a Martha dinner. NOPE! The pound cake was: hard, tasteless and dry! I really would like to blame this one on Martha...I feel I followed the recipe to the letter. If anyone out there thinks they can do better, try! Let me know! I would love to know if I did something tragically wrong and this could be delicious. Sorry Mark, no pound cake for you for dessert. :(

Project #9 Crispy Chocolate Marshmallow Treats

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Also made specifically for a trip in the mail up to UVM, these were made for Stevie herself. I enjoy making bars to mail because they are less delicate than cookies. This recipe was also found in Everyday Food, man I love that magazine! These are as easy to make as regular rice crispy treats, but look soooo much fancier! And are sooo much more delicious! My only gripe (sorry Martha!) is that her bar recipes often are only for a 8 or 9 inch pan! What's up with that? Where's the love for the 9 X 14 in pan Martha? It makes more cookie bars, which only makes more people happier! I suppose I could take it upon myself to double the recipe....
Let me know how they are Stevie!

Project #8 Oatmeal Raisin Bars

I made these delicious Oatmeal Raisin Bars for my sister, Stevie's roommate Sydney. She is one of those rare breeds who doesn't enjoy chocolate! Complete freak right? Just kidding Syd, you know I love ya! She once requested Oatmeal Raisin Cookies be sent to UVM, so when I saw this recipe in Everyday Food I immediately thought of her. Thank god for you Syd, because otherwise I may have passed these by! And what a tragedy that would have been to have never had these delicious cookie bars in my life. That's how delicious I thought they were. I only had one, and Mark had one also, because the rest were for Syd, but that was enough to tell that they were the best ever! I hope you like them Syd! Enjoy (they should be arriving today!)!

Project #7 Lighter Chicken Salad

I found this recipe for lighter chicken salad in Everyday Food and decided to give it a try for Mark. I don't particularly enjoy chicken salad myself, but Mark loves it, so why not be nice to my husband once and a while?
It was fairly uncomplicated and came together beautifully. I wasn't present for the consumption of this chicken salad, which explains the pics of the deconstructed sandwich (I didn't want the bread to get soggy!). Mark said it was delicious and took it for lunch 2 days in a row. He did comment on the overall lack of mayonnaise-ness, but it was suppose to be "lighter" chicken salad, so that explains that (sorry Mark, just add more mayo if you don't care about fatness or your cholesterol).

Project #6 Beef Stew

Believe it or not, I have actually never made beef stew before. Martha's beef stew recipe was completely easy, toss everything in the dutch oven, bring to a boil, toss in the oven. The beef was really tender, which I feel has been lacking in beef stews I have consumed in the past. I realized too late that I had nothing to serve with it, not even some biscuits, but whatever. Everyone was suffering from a cold, so it was a a miracle that we all assembled at the table together.

Verdict....delicious and I would definitely make it again.
(sorry the pics are orange-y I have no clue what's up with the camera sometimes)

# 015

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pulled Pork.

I was skeptical this morning when I was assembling this for the slow cooker. Usually when I make pulled pork, the meat is completely submerged in BBQ sauce and cider vinegar... yet Martha had me just barely coat the meat in a ketchup/brown sugar/spice/garlic mixture. It didn't seem like enough!

Martha was clearly right though, as Gabe said this was the best pulled pork I ever made! The accompanying cabbage slaw was alright, but I think that, out of all the dinner items I've made so far, the pulled pork is #1.


# 014

Shepherd's Pie

I really like shepherd's pie, but I rarely make it. Probably because while it never turns out horribly, it never turns out very delicious. This was definitely a step in the right direction, though I still felt like the beef part could've had a little more flavor... Maybe some beef stock and wine instead of the water at the end? And I think mushrooms would've been a nice addition.

I assembled this on a Sunday and cooked it on a Monday, and even though I missed Martha's instruction to assemble right before baking, it still turned out pretty nicely. And it was a great treat during this frigid weather we've been having!