# 055, 056, 057 + 058

Sunday, September 12, 2010

#055 - Corn Tortilla Chicken Tenders

#056 - Grilled Pizza - As in, pizza cooked on the grill, dough and all! Very delicious.

#057 - Stuffed Cabbage - Pretty good, even though they made me smell like someone's Polish grandma.

#058 - Apple Crisp - This one sort of feels like cheating, since it's basically the same way I've made apple crisp since I was, like, 15. Growing up, we only had a woodstove (and no, Laura Ingalls Wilder was not my neighbor), which was not exactly the most accurate and even way to bake. Apple crisp is a very forgiving baked good though, so it was something that I made regularly. And Martha's recipe is pretty similar to mine (which was from, I believe, The Joy of Cooking, which was basically the only cookbook my Mom had). Making it today though did make me realize that I need to permanently "borrow" my parent's apple peeler/slicer/corer doohicky!

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Who knew Martha was so punny!