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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mushroom Turnovers

I probably shouldn't count this one, since I screwed up and bought Filo dough, instead of the puff pastry that the recipe called for. However, I think that they are similar enough, that I'm not gonna make a big deal about it.

Plus, these were yummy! Definitely a better vegetarian alternative than the cabbage tarts. Gabe really liked his, and is taking the extra for lunch tomorrow. It didn't interest Ben too much, but he did have fun throwing the flakes of file dough all over the place (and I had fun cleaning them up after!).

And yes, those are canned green beans on my plate. They are my guilty pleasure. And how lame does that make me that my guilty pleasure is a vegetable?

Soo... anyone want to come over for a filo dough party? I have a lot left over! Maybe I'll see if Martha has a baklava recipe... Mmmmm...



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