Sunday, January 31, 2010

After a slightly hellacious week, I took some Mom-time, and went and did errands by myself today. One of my stops was a lengthy trip to Michael's, where I was able to use a gift certificate I received for my birthday. I purchased a self-healing cutting mat, which I'm excited to use for more paper cutting projects. I also got two more punches from Martha's line (they were on sale, yay!), so look forward to some crafts with those.

What was disappointing though was their selection of scrapbooking paper. It's almost impossible to find simply patterned paper that you can buy by the piece (I have no use for a whole "stack" of paper, when I only really like one or two of the designs!). Does anyone know of any good online sources for paper?

Also, I was watching Martha the other day, and she mentioned a website, which I definitely plan to use in the future for crafting supplies: They have a lot of unfinished wood pieces, which you can do so much with!


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