And in the beginning there was Martha

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome to my Martha Project, where I plan to complete 100 Martha things in 2010.

Why Martha, you ask? I like that she does a lot of different things. If I feel like crafting, she can help me. If I need an idea for dinner, or dessert, she can help me there too! I am often ADD with my crafting and such, so trying to do 100 of virtually the same thing (like knitting 100 hats, or baking 100 different kinds of cupcakes) would get boring to me pretty quickly (and in the case of the cupcakes, I would get pretty fat). And this way it will also be much easier to incorporate things into my everyday life.

Why did I choose to do 100 things? It seemed like a nice round number. My original thought was to do one thing everyday, but that would be almost impossible, and I like to set goals for myself that are actually achievable. It's fewer than 10 things a month actually, so I'll probably go over. :)

The only rule for myself is that I have to do everything exactly how Martha says. If she wants me to hike to the top of a mountain and pick apples that are just touched by the fresh morning dew, and instead I buy them at the grocery store, it doesn't count. I've actually already had a couple of instances like this, and I will share them, but they will not count towards my final number.

And while I do truly enjoy Martha, I also think she's a little insane sometimes, and to keep things light, I am not opposed to commenting when I think she's off her rocker, or when I think she would've punched me in the face for doing something the way I decided to do it. :)

I hope you enjoy the journey with me! I am always open to suggestions and comments.

May Martha be with you,


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