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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chocolate Piped Peanut Butter Cookies.

To me, these cookies are the quintessential example of a Martha recipe. She takes something that is common and usually simple, and takes it another step (aka, makes it harder).

Now if you look at Martha's recipe (here) with picture, and then look at my picture, you will notice a slight difference. Or a massive one. Other than the fact that I am still a horrible photographer, my cookies look a bit different. In my defense, I did make one sheet of cookies that looked like Martha's - pre-chocolate, anyway. But I forgot to rotate my pans in the oven, and those cookies go burned. Oops! But after doing it Martha's way, I was running out of time and patience (I have to do the majority of my baking when Ben is napping), so I just did one fork tine impression over the top. And with the chocolate piped into the tine indentations, I think they actually look pretty nice (upper-right hand corner of the picture). Only I became impatient again, and then just started drizzling the chocolate all over the cookies. They still looked delicious, just not as neat and tidy and anal retentive.

Good cookies, but can be done a lot easier and quicker than this recipe (I didn't even talk about having to chill and freeze the dough at 2 different times). Made for a neighbor who snow-blowed our driveway after we got almost 2 feet of snow last week. :)


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