Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Potato Gnocchi (aka, the ugliest gnocchi ever).

I love pasta. For a while, I was convinced that I really wanted this $180 pasta maker KitchenAid attachment from Williams Sonoma. Yeah, it's expensive, but I could MAKE MY OWN PASTA! It would practically pay for itself after like 300 pasta dinners!!! Making this stupid gnocchi has me glad that I didn't waste my money. For the type of cooking I usually do (ie., with a hungry toddler playing at my feet), an hours long process just isn't a good idea. The forming of the shapes part was the toughest part, and I gave up after making about a dozen of them (so maybe the pasta maker would be ok, since it makes the shapes for you! hmm...).

Taste-wise, they were sort of bland, which being pasta, was not surprising, I guess.

These are good to make if you have a couple of hours to kill. But I will be sticking to the $4 packages from the grocery store.



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